Hosting JOOMLA sites with BLUEHOST

Bluehost is the US private web hosting company and providing the hosting services for over 2 million websites hosted, since 1996. Bluehost has credibility of being versatile and top host in the world, ranked under 20 largest web hosts. This hosting major has the latest technology adapted in the maintenance and operation of the servers, gives a promising and reliable ease of use services for the customers. These are all the factors that make Bluehost, a perfect choice for Joomla websites. Major advantage of Bluehost is that it provides easy installation of open source options like Joomla. Joomla is content management system (CMS), which gives much more flexibility and easy-to-use interface that satisfy the needs of lot of people concerned with getting many options and configurations implemented. Practical way of interpreting CMS is that it lets you create your own pages, menus and much more without having need to know the programming skills, more like a ready food. Major online portals like Wikipedia, Amazon, and Facebook are all CMS adapted. In addition to this Bluehost service will add more strength to the dynamic status of the websites with easy accessible & efficient features accommodated. Bluehost is so among the top choice of the Joomla users for shared hosting services and wide range of web applications. Notable features of the Bluehost are that it has attractive array of pre-installed scripts which come handy for the advanced users and for developers especially in the domain of PHP, Python, and Ruby on rails, Perl and many. Bluehost offers unique straight and multiple purpose plans which are priced reasonably.

Some of the plans offer unlimited bandwidth that helps Joomla content expansions with Secured Sockets layer (SSL) certificate, enhances the Joomla site protection and security over the internet. As mentioned earlier, Joomla is an open source, which can be downloaded and developed accordingly with extensions and templates. Flexibility and efficiency of Joomla is still enhanced by Bluehost as it provides lot more options to delve into the world of Joomla CMS. Installing Joomla at Bluehost can be done in two methods; one is “Standard Joomla Installer” which comes from Joomla package and the other is by “SimpleScripts 1-click installer”, has been developed by Bluehost and this is easiest method followed by many. By clicking on SimpleScripts in software menu, users can choose Joomla option which gives access to install the Joomla latest version. Joomla installers should be registered into Joomla community and ensure installation of Joomla in progress. In few minutes, Bluehost will show you the confirmation note of installation being done successfully. Then you can view your new Joomla site getting hosted without any hassles in shorter time. Account management at Bluehost is done through Cpanel-11 software, which helps in configuring the website, ftp accounts, email addresses. If having any problems further, Bluehost can be contacted to resolve the issue at anytime by its top notch technical support team. Hence Joomla can be a highly integrated and efficient on Bluehost.


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