cloud computing…

James: Hi Bob, do you know about cloud computing?

Bob: yes James, I do. It’s the latest technology and widely preferred these days in many processes

James: so what does it stand for?

Bob: it is just like purchase of software applications, storage and other resources from provider delivers these services through internet. So cloud computing means complete process takes over there and all the process and computations happen according to what you have commanded for.

James: can you give me an example?

Bob: sure, you will be familiar with accessing emails online through your email account anywhere and anyhow, by means of browser on computer, mobile, tabs etc. This is the beauty of cloud computing. You need not to worry about storing and processing, since it will all be taken care by cloud computing. You can access the information stored in cloud, I mean server database anytime.

James: how is it all possible by cloud computing?

Bob:  cloud computing is built that way and is configured accordingly to mange and serve the tasks that clients demand. Cloud computing delivers any information that you look for relatively. Cloud has been integrated of different applications, content, object storage, database, identity, monitoring, computing and many more. All these components are configured in such a way that it works uniquely.

James: it’s cool, but how these cloud computing is created?

Bob: well, since it has lot of computational and configuration processes, this is well handled and managed by professional experts. Most of the cloud services that we are using are public and privately owned. For ex; Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress and many more are used widely in public domain, hence database for these systems should be quickly accessible and individual accounts should be monitored to receive the inputs from the user, which is processed by the cloud and reverted to users as reply. Thus these private companies set up their own servers and configure the specifications required to make it function accordingly.

James: good, so how does it benefit us?

Bob: as I told you before, cloud computing is quick than any other technology and better option so far, hence you get the things done with no hassles and seamlessly. Having taken security measures by the server managers, your data stored with them will be secure and protected from malicious attacks. Benefits for the service providers is more than users, as the cost of the cloud computing is lesser than it used to be before that had maintenance staff and experts to monitor costing more. This had also minimized the human errors and accuracy has been increased by cloud computing.

James: is it must to own the server management by private owners or it can be outsourced?

Bob: yes, it can also be outsourced, in the sense you can buy the suitable package from the service providers and then manage your business with it, you will also get support from the service providers of servers. It will help you to manage your capital investment due to low cost of cloud computing.

James: so is it the better option so far now?

Bob: yes it is and it is expected to expand more in coming years to every field that deals with data storage and auto task management.


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