How to start a blog

Blog is blend of two words i.e. web & log, starting a blog is as simple as writing the personal dairy, in addition with digital enhancement over the internet which has been a major advantage and shows difference between personal dairy and regular blog update. Blogging trend started in 1990’s and emerged as one of the effective ways for an individual or any organization to keep updating about latest happenings and whereabouts. Internet is the basic platform for blogging, Innovation in the web publishing tools and standards gave rise to blogging and highly adapted among regular users. Starting a blog is no difficult for even non-technical person; need not to know any technical aspects apart from basic skills. Bloggers can choose many options or platforms (CMS) available online for free to write their own blogs. WordPress, BlogSpot are few among the popular blogging portals which have easy and friendly user interface with widgets, through which the blog page gets interactive and becomes dynamic, so users can edit it if and interact with the readers as they write their opinions in the comment section below blogs. This whole activity has basic advantage of being transparent and anyone with no prior technical skills can become efficient blogger. To start blogging, one has to sign up with any blogging portals or can also start blogging by creating a website by registering domain of their wish on own. Both the methods needs a domain anyway and if starting with any free blogging portals then the domain or web address will be accompanied by that portal domain. Advantage of registering into free blogging portals is that users need not to worry about hosting or any cost related to domain and space of the blog since it will all be taken care by portals itself.


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