Reviewing the FatCow hosting services

FatCow is a private web hosting firm which was founded in 1998, in those years when the websites were approached widely to get connected and stay updated, FatCow has made serious attempt in providing efficient service to the customers and offering very reasonable and economical web hosting plans that majority of the web community was expecting. Since it has started providing service right from 1998, FatCow focused on basic requirements and support that people needed in the time of rapid web growth. Organizations and small scale business group also started realizing the value of reaching wider through websites, to an extent even individual also felt that it’s better to keep their presence in web and started blogging websites. FatCow motto about providing basic support had satisfactory response from the web developers, but in that time there were only small scale of web hosting providers; among them only few had affordable plans and FatCow was the one which provided affordable and cheapest web hosting service with all the technical support needed to begin with, which made beginners feel comfortable with ease-use factors.

There were many aspects to consider when it comes to selecting a service provider and obviously people had many choices too, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, domain, etc were common considerations. FatCow announced various plans and packages that any customer would be able to get everything that he requires along with web hosting. It really came helpful for the non-technical customers, who then started to get all the basic requirements in one package without any hassles. At current, FatCow has become major player in web hosting services and choice of many, who look for excellent service and support in cheap prices. Many web hosting providers do promise customers about providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space but in reality it may not turn out to be so but FatCow tried to make its service plans much more reliable and reasonable that finally came up with package which offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with free domain, unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases and Plugins.

In addition to all of this, FatCow also provided website builder which will have pre-installed themes and can be used to build own web layouts and designs with no core technical skills needed. This made the process of website hosting still simpler and affordable due to low cost, much efficiency in tools provided helped FatCow in gaining popularity and resulted in large scale of subscription to avail the FatCow services. Customers can easily avail the package and configure it accordingly by single step sign-up process on the website , this move helped even overseas customers to avail the service. There are yet many benefits of enrolling into FatCow services because it provides free Google Adwords credits, Facebook & Yahoo credits, Google web master tools, web applications, SimpleScripts, Backup policy. In regard to increase the service stats, FatCow also provides coupons and promotions for new customers, which help them in getting more by paying less. Thus FatCow is undoubtedly a better choice.


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