Using cPanel web hosting

cPanel application is the widely preferred and most popular choice over the internet for web hosting of the sites.  Since it’s found in late 1990’s, it has become major player in web hosting field. Plesk is alternate choice of cPanel but according to assessments it can be said that cPanel has been front runner due to its managing features and ease-use factor. What makes cPanel unique is it’s a UNIX based tool which offers graphical interface, automation tools which simplifies hosting of website. Since it’s a UNIX based, it is very compatible with Linux and Unix systems. Red Hat and CentOS are the operating platforms that run cPanel seamlessly. Extreme popularity of cPanel is seen among shared hosting users due to easy operational, graphical user interface (GUI) of cPanel is efficient and simplifier. So cPanel has being studied in depth and implemented due to its strength in controlling various sections of the website and also server management through a standard web browser.

Thus these facts have resulted in large group of peoples adapting cPanel and enjoy large user support from the community. This panel software doesn’t require any external database and is fast. When it comes to features, cPanel has lots of features which are even extendable. In addition to this, third party scripts like RV skins, CFS firewall, Fantastico are easily integrated. Responsive support from cPanel will make users free from all issues related to creating own package, monitoring usage of resource, managing accounts, etc. Utilities and web applications of the cPanel are simply better due to support of PHP, MySQL and Perl. Email service supported by POP3, IMAP and SMTP services. There are various tasks and checks a user can perform using cPanel, assessing disk space, bandwidth utilized, setting up third party FTP application and remote it through cPanel are few common tasks. So cPanel can also be used effectively in advanced mode of operation.

Any user who is new to this web hosting process can become self sufficient by learning cPanel categories in detail that looks informative and excellent. Proper specifications of the cPanel makes it more stable  on VPS dedicated servers, which will form basics to serve your website needs and keeps it updated to function properly. Good security measures provide greater stability for cPanel and no need for compromising in the effectiveness. Installing cPanel is easy and requires freshly installed operating system with possible lower configurations. In case if users have to uninstall or remove it then the server has to be formatted and operating system should be installed again. cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including reseller, admin, end user and email interfaces, which turns servers into easy automated hosting platform. Post-installation configuration of cPanel includes network setup and IP address setup also set quotas to track various activities relating to stats and site monitoring but if you are not hosting site on your own then you need to worry about setting quotas since it  can be well taken care by web hosts. Hence it can be concluded that cPanel is better choice as the Linux & Unix server are too.


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