Using Skype for Blackberry

Skype is a proprietary voice over internet protocol service (VOIP) and this software application released in the mid 2003. Blackberry on the other hand is a smartphone device designed by Research in motion (RIM), this device well known as mobile email due to its capability to pursue personal digital tools, portable media players, internet browsers, gaming and much more. Blackberry is known as preferred choice for using email service (push) and instant messages enhanced with encryption for high level security. Applications like Skype are best and top priority app to use on Blackberry since the Skype is an efficient app for VOIP, can be used to call the other Skype user at free of cost and send instant messages with ease of user interface. Hence Skype on blackberry is best combination as blackberry offers all the needs that Skype requires to operate seamlessly. Users can also call to the third party having no Skype app installed in their device but it will cost little to the users when they make calls so. Blackberry in before years did not have had supported Skype app but the device now is supporting due to improvements in Skype for Blackberry use.

Skype can be used on Blackberry with Verizon wireless service. Currently this service is available for handful of Blackberry models and will better extend to more models in near future. Thus Skype can be used in Blackberry with client support of service provider like Verizon. To get started with Skype on Blackberry, users need to access web link: Skype can also be used with accompanied services like “IM+”, which charges for the usage and doesn’t come free for use. This is one of the choices of the users who don’t have Verizon connection and it lets users to have trial for a week too. Major advantage of IM+ is that it can be operated worldwide. “iSkoot” is another widely used free application, charges nothing for the service and but accessing Skype with iSkoot does cost little for users but this service is available to only 45 countries.

Users can download iSkoot and extract this app downloaded in computer through Blackberry by locating ALX file of apps, once you connect the USB cable to connect Blackberry and computer, you can see screen prompt asking to enter password. This will confirm that Blackberry is connected after entering password. Now you have to click on ‘Application loader’ in the Blackberry and you can browse the ALX file of the app to be installed by clicking on Start button. Select iSkoot app to install and proceed by clicking on the Next button. Then a screen will appear having the list of apps upgraded or installed as a final summary. Installation process will begin when you click on finish button, which will show you window bar of progressing. Application will be installed when this window bar disappears and you can see this app on Blackberry home screen, hence you will now be able to Skype on Blackberry by native app iSkoot.


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