How to resume Downloads in Google Chrome using Wget (FREE) with command prompt

I normally use UTorrent to download large files (movies,OS,etc), so, if the file size is large then it takes more time to download-depends on your net speed. Now what if you by mistake start downloading some large file in Google chrome, like i did. Google chrome has no option for resuming the broken downloads (Currently few engineers are working on it), and when the download was 94% complete, chrome alerted that it should be relaunched, don’t know why. Something happened and all my downloads gone, some 700 MB (Ubuntu iso file)!.

Now I will Tell you How to recover or resume that broken download.

Note: That broken file will be present in the folder and you can find it by : Chrome–>Downloads (ctrl+J)–>Open downloads folder.

That incomplete file will be saved with suffix –> .crdownload

We use simple steps to resume the Download, here you go and Download Wget first.

  • Now, SAVE this Wget (.exe) in the same folder where your broken file resides.
  • Change the name of the broken file, you just need to remove the suffix (.crdownload). Now your file name is changed from abcd.crdownload to abcd, that’s it.
  • We need to perform resume operation in Command prompt so open command prompt. Here in my case directory is C:\USERS\SANTHOSH> but i need to change it to download folder where your broken file resides. cmd
  • Here in my case it resides in Downloads i.e C:\USERS\SANTHOSH\DOWNLOADS so i need to change it, it’s simple Go to the folder (where your wget and broken files are present). Hold ‘SHIFT‘ then RIGHT CLICK–>’choose open command window herecmd..
  • Now You have command window opened from the folder you wish, type in there wget<space>-c<space>url
  • URL: it is the downloading link which you should copy from the chrome and paste it in place of url above. click enter after pasting link. cmdd
  • Your downloading should RESUME NOW !cmdddit took me 7 minutes to 100% download or else i would have had to wait 5 hours to download it from beginning.
  • After completion of download, close window and your file must b ready to USE.

46 thoughts on “How to resume Downloads in Google Chrome using Wget (FREE) with command prompt

    • change the name of? if u are talking abt .crdownload name changing.

      Right click on that file and choose rename, then remove suffix .crdownload which will make it xyz from the earlier xyz.crdownload. if u still facing the issue let us know.

  1. it has given following error:

    Unable to locally verify the issuer’s authority.
    To connect to insecurely, use `–no-check-certificate’.
    Unable to establish SSL connection.

  2. Very cool tip. It works like a charm. Just one note: my partially downloaded file did not have the “.crdownload” extension, it looked like it was fully downloaded. But wget picked it up where it had stopped and sailed on.

  3. I didn’t get the “Hold ‘SHIFT‘ then RIGHT CLICK–>’choose open command window here‘”..please help

    • This option is for you when you don’t have directory name appearing in the command window as desired from the folder where the incomplete download file resides.

      Go to that folder and click anywhere..then press “shift’ in your keyboard. do a right click while you are still holding ‘shift’ button. then it will show a dialog box. select the “open command window here” and it automatically does the needful by changing directory name of folder in command window., Any doubts..?

    • If ur still confused you can use a batch file. 1. open Notepad and type in the command ex: wget-c 2. click save as and name it anything with a suffix of .bat (change text documents to all files) 3. run the file.

  4. command promt is closing immidiately i install the wget.exe.From where should i open the command prompt.pls give me a solution

    • download wget file from my blog and install it in the same folder where your incomplete file resides. Then do open command prompt from the place of same folder. follow steps on how to open common prompt. i have mentioned it in the blog. if any more doubts, pls shoot.

  5. Very helpful, i really needed this, thank you so much.

    Just 3 things to help improve your “tutorial” for less experienced users:
    1. Opening the command prompt in the first step is totally useless, (and you didn’t say how to do it, either).
    2. In the second step you didn’t say WHERE to right click. Had to figure out it was in an empty space in the folder.
    3. In the 3d step, the download URL isn’t always the one in the address bar, sometimes you have to right click the “Download” button from the download page and select “copy link address”, and then in the command prompt, right click and select paste (as Ctrl+V won’t work in CMD)

  6. It very usefull, And I have tried as mentioned above .Its 100% working and I got the crassssshhhhed download file

  7. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me
    tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this
    during my hunt for something concerning this.

  8. i have question..the file that i’m downloading is in the zip format, so there is no .crdownload suffix in the file can i just leave the name unchange?would that be ok? and one more, the file that i downloading isn’t finish, but it is in the zip format and looks like it’s finish, but the size is 160mb when the actual size is how do i resolve this?can i use the same steps that u mention? thank you 🙂

  9. This is WONDERFUL!!! Works like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL U NEED TO DO IS RENAME THE OLD HALF DO IS – rename old half downloaded file to exactly as the file to be downloaded form the link and run it as mentioned above.. for eg, if I download then rename your earlier or whaterever the name wud be to and RUN the software as explained above. THANK YOU for the wonderful piece of software.

  10. This is a very, very useful post. I was trying to download the mammoth 2 GB keynote from MS Build yesterday and the download kept failing.

    I’d never heard of using WGet in Windows before. You’ve converted me!

    • how r u finding the link ? in any case, usually most incomplete download links end with crdownload suffix but not all the links….your link could be one of that.

      Try downloading again n stop it after 5 minutes, check if the file is getting the crdownload suffix for the same content, same resource

  11. I can finally download songs now 😀 thank you. BTW: when my downloads get a network error half-way through, they don’t even leave that file behind (the one with the .crdownload extension). Does it eventually go somewhere else in a system or program directory?

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