How to speed up Utorrent by making changes in settings !

Hello!, I am going to explain in detail on how to speed up your Utorrent (Download, if not installed).

Well, It just takes 2 minutes and sometimes this trick may not work if the basic connection speed is very low and limited. Follow the below steps

  • Choose “OPTIONS” on top left, then “PREFERENCES“, window should show up now.
  • On the left side of the window, choose “CONNECTION” and make sure that your “RANDOM PORT” box is showing the number between 44000 to 50000, if not? set it in between the said range, any number.Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_14h44m03s_001_Preferences
  • Another thing here is, “BANDWIDTH”, set the upload rates to 1 and also the alternative upload rate to 1 so that you can utilize the same for downloading instead of uploading.  Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h05m23s_002_Preferences
  • Now the upload speed is nil and variates between 0 to 1kb as you have set the limit to 1Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h06m59s_003_Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h04m23s_001_Saw it? uploaded is only 1 odd MB and downloaded is 29 odd MB, that’s the use of it.
  • Now check if the values in the “ADVANCED“, first value should be “false“, if not set it to false. Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_14h45m10s_002_Preferences
  • Last step is, open the “ADVANCED” option and choose “DISK CACHE“, set the first value to some 1000 MB or else you can increment the present value(50) by 100 and check if it’s working for you. Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_15h15m50s_003_Preferences

That’s it ! This will at least work in utilizing your speed in your favor if not it greatly “speed up” your downloads.

PS: Do always choose a torrent which has more seeders and less leeches so that you will not fall short of data to download.

Disclosure: I have nothing to do with what you download and I am not encouraging it, Here is just an explanation on using your software better, and not at all related to torrent files, copyrighted or not.


3 thoughts on “How to speed up Utorrent by making changes in settings !

  1. I also have the torrent download issue. I also want the speed up my down load speed with proper down load way. If your way is really work than i definitely use this way,i also change all the setting of the torrent. tThanks for your information.

  2. Not exactly a good way to have such a low upload speed. The more you upload, the more peers you can connect to; the more peers you can connect to, the faster you can download.

    It’s just about finding the right balance between UL/DL so that uploading doesn’t throttle your download speeds. uTorrent’s automatic setup (options > setup guide) does a fairly good job at identifying this sweet spot.

  3. I would also recommend enabling encryption on your torrents. If you feel that your speed is being throttled by your ISP, consider purchasing one of the very affordable privacy VPNs available to mask your bandwidth usage.

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