How to resume Downloads in Google Chrome using Wget (FREE) with command prompt

I normally use UTorrent to download large files (movies,OS,etc), so, if the file size is large then it takes more time to download-depends on your net speed. Now what if you by mistake start downloading some large file in Google chrome, like i did. Google chrome has no option for resuming the broken downloads (Currently few engineers are working on it), and when the download was 94% complete, chrome alerted that it should be relaunched, don’t know why. Something happened and all my downloads gone, some 700 MB (Ubuntu iso file)!.

Now I will Tell you How to recover or resume that broken download.

Note: That broken file will be present in the folder and you can find it by : Chrome–>Downloads (ctrl+J)–>Open downloads folder.

That incomplete file will be saved with suffix –> .crdownload

We use simple steps to resume the Download, here you go and Download Wget first.

  • Now, SAVE this Wget (.exe) in the same folder where your broken file resides.
  • Change the name of the broken file, you just need to remove the suffix (.crdownload). Now your file name is changed from abcd.crdownload to abcd, that’s it.
  • We need to perform resume operation in Command prompt so open command prompt. Here in my case directory is C:\USERS\SANTHOSH> but i need to change it to download folder where your broken file resides. cmd
  • Here in my case it resides in Downloads i.e C:\USERS\SANTHOSH\DOWNLOADS so i need to change it, it’s simple Go to the folder (where your wget and broken files are present). Hold ‘SHIFT‘ then RIGHT CLICK–>’choose open command window herecmd..
  • Now You have command window opened from the folder you wish, type in there wget<space>-c<space>url
  • URL: it is the downloading link which you should copy from the chrome and paste it in place of url above. click enter after pasting link. cmdd
  • Your downloading should RESUME NOW !cmdddit took me 7 minutes to 100% download or else i would have had to wait 5 hours to download it from beginning.
  • After completion of download, close window and your file must b ready to USE.