A Dip in the Coastal Karnataka

How about sitting in a Car and slowly starting to learn you are not in for a short ride but for a distant 4 days trip? Slight scare mongering is it, when you have big hole in your pockets (almost Waif) and your best friend asks you for a trip.

After half an hour, mood was set, I was set, for the first ever dip in the much hyped coastal belt of our state. Coastal is something I was very crazy and positive about. I always have waited to lay down on beach and watch out waves shoring up and down. Dint knew the day has come so quick, was very thrilled to smack coastal dishes which always had my mouth watered when seen and heard from my cunning friends living in Mangalore, Udupi, etc.

So, we started to Mangalore now, around 9 PM, with full tanked SUV. I am not only a good bathroom singer but also a DJ, a pride I carry in private 😛

What not, from Bob Marley to Swedish House mafia, from retro Rajkumar to recent Race Gurram, we were left bored within 3 hours but this finest NICE road started paying off, offered us a lovely enjoyable ride till somewhere near Hasan and we halted with few biscuits to spare.

We effortlessly reached Mangalore with such a seamless road and it was almost evening, first thing first = Food, a well packed dinner in Mangalore left us drowsy and idiotic enough to scorch batteries finding waves in Panambur Beach, dark and lone, best if we had been there in the day time. Anyways we headed back to lodge, slept like we have no tomorrow.


Next day was a lazy start with me waking up around 10 and leaving to Kateel for blessings of goddess Durga Parameshwari…have heard it is a powerful temple, I dint waste any time in reaching there and winding up back to Udupi, our next stop !



Udupi, a bastion of saffron, has lot of Brahmins living in it, with highest literacy rate in the state I wasn’t surprised to see people behaving so well cultured, made us all happy. We stopped to the famous Hotel Kediyoor, must say the ambience was good but food was just fine not so laudable. We then left to Beach, who don’t love beaches ? 😀


Malpe Beach is one of the famous in coastal belt, I was surprised to see well managed machinery to take care of the beach, most of the previous beaches wasn’t that well maintained. This Malpe Beach was really amazing and sunset was breath taking…I felt I fucking missed lot of fun all these days…There was growing sense of having escaped a jail and found a floating paradise..(Shawshank Redemption 😛 )


Make no mistake, when you visit Malpe, make sure you also visit St Marys Island, paltry 4 Kms from Malpe Beach…St Mary’s Island was amazing, to say the least, it was the best thing I have ever seen, nobody in the island and its just us..waves hitting the island and pushing us back to shore..You must experience this joy of finding urself centred between water all around (and rest assured someone will come back to carry you from Island)


Then we went to Kolluru, some 70Km from udupi, goddess Mookambika resides here with natural wildlife blessed around her. This was the most enjoyable ride in between, with full stacked green belts besides roads and lakes appearing often, made our heart beat sink bit lower, we were really glad to experience this.


We left to Murudeshwar, again a coastal gem, with rare accommodation of Lord Shiva’s monument, inspiring us to live another day, happily ! Temple visit was quick and we had to return back to Bangalore now, at any cost, you know Monady Blues 😉




Bottom Line: When your friend asks you for a trip, Never be an asshole to say NO…don’t do that, just accompany him, what are we here for? Profession can wait, passion shouldn’t!!