A Dip in the Coastal Karnataka

How about sitting in a Car and slowly starting to learn you are not in for a short ride but for a distant 4 days trip? Slight scare mongering is it, when you have big hole in your pockets (almost Waif) and your best friend asks you for a trip.

After half an hour, mood was set, I was set, for the first ever dip in the much hyped coastal belt of our state. Coastal is something I was very crazy and positive about. I always have waited to lay down on beach and watch out waves shoring up and down. Dint knew the day has come so quick, was very thrilled to smack coastal dishes which always had my mouth watered when seen and heard from my cunning friends living in Mangalore, Udupi, etc.

So, we started to Mangalore now, around 9 PM, with full tanked SUV. I am not only a good bathroom singer but also a DJ, a pride I carry in private 😛

What not, from Bob Marley to Swedish House mafia, from retro Rajkumar to recent Race Gurram, we were left bored within 3 hours but this finest NICE road started paying off, offered us a lovely enjoyable ride till somewhere near Hasan and we halted with few biscuits to spare.

We effortlessly reached Mangalore with such a seamless road and it was almost evening, first thing first = Food, a well packed dinner in Mangalore left us drowsy and idiotic enough to scorch batteries finding waves in Panambur Beach, dark and lone, best if we had been there in the day time. Anyways we headed back to lodge, slept like we have no tomorrow.


Next day was a lazy start with me waking up around 10 and leaving to Kateel for blessings of goddess Durga Parameshwari…have heard it is a powerful temple, I dint waste any time in reaching there and winding up back to Udupi, our next stop !



Udupi, a bastion of saffron, has lot of Brahmins living in it, with highest literacy rate in the state I wasn’t surprised to see people behaving so well cultured, made us all happy. We stopped to the famous Hotel Kediyoor, must say the ambience was good but food was just fine not so laudable. We then left to Beach, who don’t love beaches ? 😀


Malpe Beach is one of the famous in coastal belt, I was surprised to see well managed machinery to take care of the beach, most of the previous beaches wasn’t that well maintained. This Malpe Beach was really amazing and sunset was breath taking…I felt I fucking missed lot of fun all these days…There was growing sense of having escaped a jail and found a floating paradise..(Shawshank Redemption 😛 )


Make no mistake, when you visit Malpe, make sure you also visit St Marys Island, paltry 4 Kms from Malpe Beach…St Mary’s Island was amazing, to say the least, it was the best thing I have ever seen, nobody in the island and its just us..waves hitting the island and pushing us back to shore..You must experience this joy of finding urself centred between water all around (and rest assured someone will come back to carry you from Island)


Then we went to Kolluru, some 70Km from udupi, goddess Mookambika resides here with natural wildlife blessed around her. This was the most enjoyable ride in between, with full stacked green belts besides roads and lakes appearing often, made our heart beat sink bit lower, we were really glad to experience this.


We left to Murudeshwar, again a coastal gem, with rare accommodation of Lord Shiva’s monument, inspiring us to live another day, happily ! Temple visit was quick and we had to return back to Bangalore now, at any cost, you know Monady Blues 😉




Bottom Line: When your friend asks you for a trip, Never be an asshole to say NO…don’t do that, just accompany him, what are we here for? Profession can wait, passion shouldn’t!!


My understanding on Averaging the Losses

We have read a lot on Averaging the losses and its consequences, either a loss or profit, else a zero sum game to make our broker happy. I am not addressing an individual sample and you might have experienced that the conclusions on averaging the losses are always unsolved puzzles, we need to stress more and analyze its effects in long run and just not on the trade examples which have favored us, if any ! 

Money is the basic raw material in trading, other way it’s just a medium of exchange for a consent value.

Let me discuss a case here. Assume, you like surprises and you test your fortune often with a lottery ticket that costs you 10$, reward will be a million dollars.

You got lucky and you won a million dollars. Thinking practically, what counts is only the ticket price and the reward by that certainly your 10$ is worth a million dollars now.

In other probable case you don’t get lucky and the value of 10$ is zero since you get nothing in return.

What I conclude is, value of Money fluctuates and is vulnerable to the asset class it is linked with, simple.

Averaging your losses in trades.

My understanding on this subject has been very clear after series of experiments on various parameters like stop loss, target and winning/losing probability. I believe that Averaging losses in trades done over a long period is pure recipe for blowing your trading account. Explanation follows

If you take a trade on xyz stock which is trading at 100$ and your stop loss which might be around 97-98$ with respect to 2% Stop loss theory to minimize the

hidden risk, if that stock now hits your stop loss and starts southward journey to 95$, what would you do? You can’t do anything if the stop loss is mechanical and not psychological-wait and watch. In the latter case, you may feel that stock may bounce from 95$ to your target zone or cost. Well, Fair enough, unless you jump in again and order for more quantities which is getting devalued, at the moment. You may think of adding ‘n’ quantities or more to catch that falling value, this is nothing but an illusion, it demonstrates our bias and does injustice to money management principles.

Money that you are having, has pre-defined value and you are degrading it by buying value eroding asset or something that is not sporting equal value to your ‘money’.

It’s a layman strategy and anybody respecting money management will sense averaging losses, as just another foolish episode. Very simple reason to dislike or keep away from averaging losses is that it puts our stop loss theory into shame, and we compromise our capital there on.

Let’s look at some facts and figures

Here is a column chart, consisting of data tested over million traders worldwide, hence the sample size can be enough to discuss (i Assume) .


We can observe that Forex trading is executed fairly by most of the traders out there, accounting to more than 50% in all the currency, they are winners and losers are lesser to winners.

Therefore, it is not about ‘positive trading capacity” of the traders but it is about money management that is putting people on the losing side. 

Below is another data collection which emphasizes the above line


 Averaging the losses is just a bad habit and also results in amplifying your odds or losses. I found no better reason to average : losing money and living peaceful 😉  


Excel Sheet for Nifty Options traders

Hola !

I have created an excel sheet that refreshes for every minute and it is no rocket science i agree. I have created PCR based on the OI of pe n ce.

This is a first try (Beta ? 😀 ) I will try to to add some more interesting stuffs in days to come.

In case any problems, catch me on twitter, or mail me at sbsantrocks@gmail.com

Suggestions, feedbacks are ‘always’ welcome 🙂

Get the excel sheet here –>
Nifty Options

How to speed up Utorrent by making changes in settings !

Hello!, I am going to explain in detail on how to speed up your Utorrent (Download, if not installed).

Well, It just takes 2 minutes and sometimes this trick may not work if the basic connection speed is very low and limited. Follow the below steps

  • Choose “OPTIONS” on top left, then “PREFERENCES“, window should show up now.
  • On the left side of the window, choose “CONNECTION” and make sure that your “RANDOM PORT” box is showing the number between 44000 to 50000, if not? set it in between the said range, any number.Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_14h44m03s_001_Preferences
  • Another thing here is, “BANDWIDTH”, set the upload rates to 1 and also the alternative upload rate to 1 so that you can utilize the same for downloading instead of uploading.  Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h05m23s_002_Preferences
  • Now the upload speed is nil and variates between 0 to 1kb as you have set the limit to 1Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h06m59s_003_Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.05_19h04m23s_001_Saw it? uploaded is only 1 odd MB and downloaded is 29 odd MB, that’s the use of it.
  • Now check if the values in the “ADVANCED“, first value should be “false“, if not set it to false. Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_14h45m10s_002_Preferences
  • Last step is, open the “ADVANCED” option and choose “DISK CACHE“, set the first value to some 1000 MB or else you can increment the present value(50) by 100 and check if it’s working for you. Ashampoo_Snap_2013.02.06_15h15m50s_003_Preferences

That’s it ! This will at least work in utilizing your speed in your favor if not it greatly “speed up” your downloads.

PS: Do always choose a torrent which has more seeders and less leeches so that you will not fall short of data to download.

Disclosure: I have nothing to do with what you download and I am not encouraging it, Here is just an explanation on using your software better, and not at all related to torrent files, copyrighted or not.

How to resume Downloads in Google Chrome using Wget (FREE) with command prompt

I normally use UTorrent to download large files (movies,OS,etc), so, if the file size is large then it takes more time to download-depends on your net speed. Now what if you by mistake start downloading some large file in Google chrome, like i did. Google chrome has no option for resuming the broken downloads (Currently few engineers are working on it), and when the download was 94% complete, chrome alerted that it should be relaunched, don’t know why. Something happened and all my downloads gone, some 700 MB (Ubuntu iso file)!.

Now I will Tell you How to recover or resume that broken download.

Note: That broken file will be present in the folder and you can find it by : Chrome–>Downloads (ctrl+J)–>Open downloads folder.

That incomplete file will be saved with suffix –> .crdownload

We use simple steps to resume the Download, here you go and Download Wget first.

  • Now, SAVE this Wget (.exe) in the same folder where your broken file resides.
  • Change the name of the broken file, you just need to remove the suffix (.crdownload). Now your file name is changed from abcd.crdownload to abcd, that’s it.
  • We need to perform resume operation in Command prompt so open command prompt. Here in my case directory is C:\USERS\SANTHOSH> but i need to change it to download folder where your broken file resides. cmd
  • Here in my case it resides in Downloads i.e C:\USERS\SANTHOSH\DOWNLOADS so i need to change it, it’s simple Go to the folder (where your wget and broken files are present). Hold ‘SHIFT‘ then RIGHT CLICK–>’choose open command window herecmd..
  • Now You have command window opened from the folder you wish, type in there wget<space>-c<space>url
  • URL: it is the downloading link which you should copy from the chrome and paste it in place of url above. click enter after pasting link. cmdd
  • Your downloading should RESUME NOW !cmdddit took me 7 minutes to 100% download or else i would have had to wait 5 hours to download it from beginning.
  • After completion of download, close window and your file must b ready to USE.

Reviewing HostGator services

HostGator is a popular private web hosting company, based in Houston since founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. Hostgator is a major player in web scope and is a front runner in providing web services. HostGator has can be reached on their official website www.hostgator.com and one can also find the detailed description of the services provided and special offers for switching into Hostgator. Web hosting is the basic fundamental processes of making a website appear in reality, hosting of a site is nothing but finding a space to store the site data on the server and allow it to be accessible anywhere in the world with enhanced technical support. Data of the websites are stored on the servers that are managed by service providers and servers will be active all the time to keep website accessible anytime, anywhere. Building a website has primary aspect of designing but any website is incomplete until n unless it gets hosted. Thus web hosting is most care taken section of in the website building, along with it, bandwidth, types of hosting; adapted technology and updating on time are the deciding factors of web hosting.

HostGator takes care of the every minute factor that can help you in hosting the website without any hassles and the latest technology used for the servers will run your website seamlessly. For specific details, users can visit www.hostgator.com and find the best suitable package for hosting. HostGator package includes everything that even non-technical users need not to worry about finding the best around, priced in low cost. Apart hosting the sites, HostGator also provides reliable bandwidth which is more than sufficient to access the website, advanced disk space managing technology, website builder tool that can be used to create websites as you wish without having to know the core web designing skills. Website builder tool will have detailed information on using the tool effectively to build attractive sites in short period of time; free templates are also provided to quickly deploy the site without compromising the quality of the site.

Free templates are the ready-made themes having unique skins and layout options, installed in few clicks.  All of these including even control panel, script installer and many are provided in HostGator package. Major advantage of using the HostGator service is that the packages are reasonably priced and also assisted by technical experts in any issues faced during and after the hosting. Control panel tool provided in the package works efficiently which is used in managing the websites quickly, thus authoring website is no more a worry when having control panel in use. HostGator supports vast base of programming scripts like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby and many which can be implemented in single installation process with Script option provided in the package. Dedicated Servers employed in hosting sites are Linux powered but in recent years HostGator has also started using Windows servers on customer requirement aspect. On subscribing to HostGator services, one will also get benefitted by free Google Adwords credit worth 100$ provided to promote your site online. Hence HostGator is undoubtedly a best choice for web hosting services.

Best laptops for gaming

Digital gaming is one among the multimedia tools, packed with whole lot of entertainment for the gamers; those who love playing these digital games have more choices like video game console, TV games, etc. But in recent years, as we have experienced greater level of digital gaming with high end gadgets, TV games have taken back lead. Laptop is one among the favorite gadgets for the game enthusiasts who love playing games on the move; this kind of portable facility can’t be expected in video game console, arcade machine or any gaming devices. In addition, laptops can be better configured to make it pro-gaming without compromising the PC power of laptop. Since many years games have became favorite entertainment elements and are enjoyed by all class of people. Visual advancement and technical enhancement seen in recent year games have made them much more attractive and addictive. Its arguable stuff that games doesn’t impress alone with advanced interface, visuals and graphics but also on the basis of creativity and art.

To experience these games efficiently on normal laptops is not a difficult thing, so laptops can be specifically configured to enhance gaming. These configurations may be about adding more storage capacity to your laptop or enhancing graphical performance by adding graphic cards and installing high speed memory, etc. This will be bit of technical and may some people find it difficult to get their laptops configured reliably but now they need to worry about it since there are laptops especially for gaming and have all the additional support that can make gaming experience fabulous. These laptops have advanced features and specifications which you can easily understand and use for gaming. Major laptop makers like Dell, Samsung, HP, Sony, Acer and Asus have came up with impressive technology that is well suitable for gaming and multimedia activities. Best gaming laptops from these companies are reasonably priced and competitive due to excessive marketing and demands.

To be more model specific on best gaming laptops, Samsung Series 7, Sony Vaio F series, HP Envy 15, Dell XPS 14z, Dell inspiron 17R and Alienware M14x are all having required specifications like high resolution screen, monitor which will be thinner and capable of presenting 3D in action. These laptops are fairly priced in between 1000$ to 1200$, may they have different set of specifications when it comes to size but all are better choices for gaming with slight less or more difference among, hence it is easy to choose the best gaming laptop in your budget without compromising the quality. Processor is the key element to watch in buying laptops, quad-core processors are standard choice for gaming. Memory and storage specifications should be not less than 320GB since games occupy large disk space, also make sure hard drive speed is 7,200 RPM which is fast and responsive in laptops. Battery is another important aspect since the gaming consumes lot of power; hence it is better to also consider battery life before buying laptop. Thus what all a best gaming laptop is expected to do is to be a proficient entertainer pack for game enthusiasts.

Effective strategies to increase website traffic..

Basic introduction:

Websites in the current advanced internet era are growing rapidly due to the developments made to reach out faster through websites, for information, marketing, networking and many. According an assessment there are more than trillions of websites active till day and in force. All these websites related to various categories and are better found by searching on the internet through search engines. Website submission directories play a major role in bringing a website to spotlight. Search engines take paths from directories and display the results. This will help in improving the website traffic stats gradually.

How it works:

Website directory submission is completely a process of listing your website categorically to relative web directories; there are several directories available and classified variously according to different fields and aspects. Web directories enhance your effort in popularizing your website through link building, finding directories to submit websites is very easy but quality directory selection makes sense. After selecting directory, you should submit the site link in the category that your site belongs to. There are free and paid services available from directories; you can also submit the site to any number of directories. Hence directory submission will rank your website high and users will be able to find topics they are looking for.

Planning & implementing:

It is well understood fact that the websites having more links inside and outside the reference website is like a path direction to your website. The links are simply treated as the reference to your website; hence link building is well take care to climb the top in the search engines by targeting keywords. To attain the top rank in search, one must try hard to make the link available frequently, more the frequent links the more chances for the site to drive traffic. Thus website directory submission is seen as better off page optimization tool.

Best listing purpose template {Squeeze page template}

Introduction about listing by squeeze page template

Best listing tool undoubtedly is Squeeze page template. This is an essential tool for list building efforts, which is widely used and most popular for its specific task. When it comes to capturing email list from the visitors of the website, it is your turn to provide them to present quality content and impress them with offers that will in turn reward you an email address of them as registered viewers. This process is very much seen and followed sincerely in marketing organizations and networking sites to keep the visitors in contact through the email address when making notifications or offers. In short, it builds relations between users and website managers.

Implementation of the templates

Main focus of this Squeeze page template is to uniquely list the email addresses. Users can install the templates quickly and need no programming skills to endorse these templates. If the site is having high quality resources and contents then the maximum numbers of visitors can be converted into subscribers by using squeeze page templates, if these templates doesn’t have ‘exit’ hyperlink then chances of building large list is possible since there will not be any other option for viewers, either to visit the website or leave the website. Apart from these default techniques, you can also choose to do it strategically by offers like downloading on providing email id for confirmation link to be sent.

Advantages of using these templates

Advantages of squeeze page templates are that it has helped in increasing the network and promoting to large user base. These factors play important role is assessing the value of the website based on the visitors. For advanced using, templates can also be used after modifying accordingly. Squeeze page template can be optimized with video which will smartly cover the long content and is better option. The conclusion we can draw is, there is no other matching asset than building huge list. Hence squeeze page templates are reasonable and worth implementing.

Mobile website templates

Since from a decade, Mobile industry has grown rapidly due to the tremendous demand for the mobile devices. The reason is simple, mobile helps in connecting each other and also works as multimedia device but the vital reason for mobile approach is it can also be used to access the internet. This is absolutely efficient when you can do everything on your mobile having not to worry or compromise about the quality. Success of the mobiles has much to do with the internet accessibility on the move. In short, mobiles are the best choice to do anything on the go. This is why Internet usage growing gradually, hence the need of designing mobile compatible website is growing. So we have websites stepping into mobiles in the format that can be able for users to access the website quickly with no much of difference as compared to normal computer format. Obviously there will be difference in the presentation of the website in the mobile format due to its small screen and navigation, but the difference can be seen only in user interface and layout design of the mobile website.

User interface plays a major role in designing mobile friendly websites for the users and mobile navigation is the key factor. Mobile websites are built with different programming languages according to the performance required to be done and to keep up the quality of the website, apart from this there are languages like CSS which helps in designing the layouts and offer styles to the sites. But these are not easy skills to learn; hence it is difficult for non-technical users. To avoid this limitation, there are various ready-to-use templates for mobile websites to use. These are the templates which are defined as default setup for the mobile websites and provide unique interface and style of its own. Mobile websites templates are inspired and powered by design majors like WordPress, Joomla and many. These templates are similar to the themes that we use for creating websites with WordPress, Joomla. Advanced users can also customize the templates if required.

So using mobile website templates has benefited many users around the world to deploy the sites into mobile format in shorter time, without having to worry about the issues since the templates are built will work perfectly once installed properly. Installing the templates will be done in few clicks and you can see your mobile website running seamlessly on the mobile. Major advantage is that the templates are also available for free, which reduces the cost and increase the net income of the e-commerce related mobile websites. Thus having mobile websites has proved to be efficient and reach wider user base. Advanced mobile platforms like iphone, android and windows have helped in implementing new features and extensions that enhances creative and responsive templates to emulate its performance. Login templates, search templates and form templates are all examples for widely used responsive templates. Hence mobile website templates are very useful in the objective of marketing, networking, serving general purposes and had optimized the mobile interface to a greater extent.